Escola de Equitação de Alcainça is a family-run horse-farm and dressage training business spanning over three generations.

It all started with Antonio Assunção Duarte, when he discovered horses and in particular the pure-bred Lusitanos, relatively late in adulthood. He started riding and training Portuguese classical equitation in his forties, amongst others with Luis Valença, Mestre-Picador of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Arts.

It was Antonio who originally conceived of and built the Quinta in the 1970’s as a retreat for the family to spend weekends and holidays riding together. Meanwhile, Antonio’s growing passion for Lusitanos and classical dressage saw the Quinta develop into an equestrian center focused on training high-quality Lusitano horses in the classical iberian principles, as well as for trail rides in the untouched mountains and along the beaches of the Atlantic coast.

Salette, Antonio’s daughter, then took over the management of Escola the Equitação de Alcainça. She continued to enhance the facility and developed the business by welcoming international guests, keen to try the famous Lusitanos and ride in a traditional Portuguese environment.

Eventually, the unspoiled swathes of land, perfect for trail rides, disappeared, which led to a re-focus on riding holidays offering riders from all over the world, dressage training and the opportunity to learn from and experience classical equitation on a schoolmaster horse.

Now, the third generation, Salette’s son and Antonio’s grandson, Pedro Rodrigues and his wife Sandra, continue the Escola de Equitação de Alcainça tradition of enabling riders from all four corners of the world to discover the magic of the Lusitano horse and its gift for classical equitation in a family-run Quinta.

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