Our livery offering includes the care and training of private horses at Escola de Equitação de Alcainça – with a number of owners coming to spend a longer stretch of time with their horse, distance-working from Alcainça and thereby enjoying a better work-life-balance.

Some of you live in a different country and wish to have your Lusitano looked after in Portugal where you come to enjoy riding your own horse; some have a young Lusitano which needs professional training to reach a certain level of dressage before you bring it back home; some have got a young foal which needs to grow strong in the Portuguese countryside before starting training and eventually moving to their owner.

Whatever the individual reason, we have a growing number of horses in livery and training with us, working with Mario Cardoso who is specialised in training young horses, as well as with Georges Malleroni.

This is a growing feature we enjoy a lot and we are proud of the quality of training and care that we are able to deliver.

Depending on an the owner's and horse's needs, there are various types of boarding arrangements available.
Full board livery includes stabling in boxes on shavings, every day stable management, free access to water, three times hay and grain feeding.
Our livery horses do have access to sand paddocks and turn out in the  "old" bullfighting arena. 
Livery horse owners have full access to the entire infrastructure and share a private tack room with lockers.

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