Escola de Equitaçao de Alcainça boasts two very experienced instructors passionate about helping riders discover and learn the magnificent art of classical dressage.

Our instructors are multi-lingual and teach fluently in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Georges is the school's technical director. He originally stems from France, and took the path of Classical Equitation via Spain before coming to Portugal. Here he trained with Portuguese great master Nuno Oliveira, as well as with Jose Athayde, the founder and master of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and Chief Ecuyer of the Alter-Real stud.
Inspired by the endless talent of the Lusitano horse, Oliveira, Athayde, as well as German master Gustav Steinbrecht, Georges took over the technical direction of Escola de Equitação de Alcainça over 30 years ago.
George's passion and great expertise has set the standard for Alcainça's classical dressage tuition, with word of the quality training spreading throughout the equestrian network. His ability to communicate ideas and insight, as well as his steadfast commitment to teaching both horses and riders from all over the world, have lead to the success of of our school.


Mario is an accomplished rider specialised in the training of young horses, and a Regional Champion in Working Equitation.
He has worked and trained with renowned Lusitano breeders, Olympic dressage rider Miguel Ralão Duarte, and Portuguese professional riders João Moreira, and José João Diniz. Alongside Miguel Fonseca, the several-time Working Equitation World Champion, Mario has also been riding in shows across all of Portugal.



Lena is the soul and chef of Escola de Equitação de Alcainça.
She has been overseeing the well-being of our guests for over 15 years and takes special pride in spoiling riders with her culinary skills.

Yliana looks after the housekeeping. As she loves to cook, you will often find her in the kitchen helping Lena out.


Andrej who is married to Yliana is our groom who cares for the horses and their needs, assists the instructors in preparing the horses for the lessons and, inbetween, is always busy looking after the estate.

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