The surrounding area offers innumerable things to do and see, such as Lisbon, the superb beaches and world-class surf in Ericeira, magnificient fairy-tale palaces and gardens in Sintra, as well as delicious sea-food and great wine all along the coast. Alcainça is only 25 kms Northwest of Lisbon, 5 kms from the famous cloister of Mafra, and a mere 15 kms from the Atlantic Coast…


The Portuguese School of Equestrian Arts represents the sequence to what was formerly the Royal Riding School, the equestrian academy of the Portuguese court that was closed down in the 19th century and housed in the Royal Stables of Belém, currently the National Coach Museum.

The horses ridden in the School are bred by the Alter stud farm. The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art performs regularly, both elsewhere in Portugal and internationally, always promoting both the Lusitano horse and Portuguese culture.

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