We firmly believe that a great schoolmaster is the best teacher for any rider.

Our focus is to teach the rider how to improve the horse’s natural balance, develop self-carriage, making the horse supple and flexible.

Our aim is to inspire and provide every rider with improved feel and technique, as well as an increased understanding and insight, which can be further built upon at home for continued improvement of both horse and rider.


By focusing on the key pillars of classical dressage, our students gradually work our experienced schoolmasters to perfection in straightness, contact, suppleness, collection and impulsion.


All our school horses are pure-bred «Puro Sangue Lusitano» or «Cruzado Lusitano» and have been schooled the classical way.

Schoolmaster or youngster, there is a match for everyone no matter whether leisure, amateur or experienced rider.

Currently we have the following school horses: