06/25/2021–06/27/2021 Cascais, Portugal

This event is repeated every 1. year.


With a legacy of over 38 years of equestrian tourism and teaching, it is in our DNA to keep going, and we are extremely proud of and grateful for our team
consistently turning up every day, come rain or shine, to ensure our horses are well-looked after and maintain their training.

Just as for every other business in the tourism industry this is proving to be an extremely challenging time for us. Keeping horses fed and healthy in spite of no
guests is tough to say the least.

However, we are trying to use the time wisely to reflect on how we can do more, better and differently, as well as prepare some
special offers for you when travel restrictions are lifted.

With this in mind, we have developed a survey with 10 questions related to
equestrian sport, interests, and motivation, which we kindly to ask you to take
part in as this will help us assess and provide for your needs going forward.

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